What You Do - We are looking for a Front-end React Engineer as a full-time employee to work onsite or remotely:

  • You will interact with an API to build UIs for a consumer health app.
  • You should have 2+ years with React, Javascript, CSS, HTML.
  • Full-stack experience (NodeJS, PostgreSQL) is a plus.
  • Native app development experience is a plus.
  • Interest or experience in healthcare and consumer apps.
  • Ability to do Design. Interest in a startup-style environment.

What We Do - Founded in 2009, ilumivu provides healthcare decision support applications using the psychology of behavior change, combined with real-time data from smartphones and wearables. With a pedigree in research in multiple disease areas at over 100 leading research universities and health systems, ilumivu delivers just-in-time adaptive interventions based on individualized baselines to improve measurable patient care outcomes.

Who We Help - ilumivu supports healthcare research via its digital health SaaS software to monitor patients with multiple health conditions. ilumivu’s digital health platform has been used to monitor numerous diseases and conditions including autism, Alzheimer’s, heart/blood pressure/strokes and cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic lung disease including COPD, dementia, epilepsy, mental and behavioral issues, traumatic brain injury, suicidal tendency, and trauma/PTSD.

We also help millions of individuals with their heart health. In October 2021, ilumivu acquired heart health app Cardiogram. The Cardiogram mobile app is available for both iOS and Android and pairs with industry-leading wearables. Cardiogram uses a proprietary neural network to identify medical conditions such as atrial fibrillation, diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea. It has been downloaded by more than 2.6 million individuals worldwide.

And our next product is in the works! We’re taking our healthcare experience, research background, and clinically-tested neural network to tackle the challenges that older adults and their caregivers face every day.

Who We Are - Ilumivu is growing like a start-up, but with a seasoned leadership team. Our culture is both passionate and compassionate – while we’re driven, we never forget that we have family, friends, and outside interests that we love. We respect each other’s differences while finding common ground. Being a self-starter is a must because we’d rather tackle the work at hand in lieu of micromanaging someone.